Lifestyle Harmonics is about moving between opposite ends of a spectrum—embracing both opposition and contradiction—to reshape the fabric of our lives. Here, I provide a breakdown of the principal contradictions and opposing forces that will be at the forefront of our exploration.

Apollonian Temple—Order

Apollonian Vs Dionysian

Apollo, the god of the sun, truth, light, & logic. Dionysus, the god of chaos, animation, ecstasy & liberation. Combine each of these forces in the right way and you stand to unlock creativity, greatness, & the capacity to truly affirm life.
Greatness & Sacrifice

Greatness Vs Sacrifice

How many myths and legends talk about greatness & sacrifice? A multitude of tales preach that sacrifice is at the root of epochal progress——and that sacrifice is made for greater gain. But sacrifice is only meaningful if we are willing to surrender something precious..
Virtue & Vindicta

Nobility Vs Savagery

Accepting the slave morality that has enveloped the modern era makes us nothing but broken weapons. Nobility is valuable, sure, but so is savagery, for it makes us killers. The current set of circumstances we now find ourselves in is a prison and a lair to lick our wounds——not our home, not our fate.
Pleasure & Pain 100px

Pleasure Vs Pain

Just because an experience is negative or hurtful doesn’t mean it’s harmful for us. In fact, our tendency to regard pain as a problem often limits our capacity to recognise it within a more broadly positive context.

Instinct Vs Rationalisation

Modernity has divorced us from our instinct by crafting a spider web of narrative & rationalisation. In doing so it has rendered us weak: imparting its philosophy of self-doubt, hesitation, & conformity. Let your instinct lead you back into a more authentic life.
Stress & Rest 100px

Stress Vs Rest

We begin with hormesis: the idea that short, intermittent bursts of stress trigger bodily responses that enhance overall health, slow aging, and make you more resilient. But hormesis, in fact, goes much further: it provides the gateway into harmonics itself.