How Suffering Boosts Mood & Risk Taking Behaviour

Doctor Studying MRI of Brain

I explore how taking proactive steps to overcome unpleasantness—be it a rigorous workout at the gym or simply pushing ourselves more at work—propagates changes in the brain that improve mood & mental wellbeing.

How Pain Expands Consciousness

Endurance Running

We come alive after an exhausting run. We’re flying high after a rigorous gym workout. What is it, then, about embracing discomfort—about ushering in irritation—that makes those moments spent beyond the comfort zone stand out from, say, an evening spent watching Netflix?

When Pleasure Leads To Happiness—& When It Doesn’t

Seeking Immediate Gratification Often Leads Us Into A Malaise

How do we chase pleasure without compromising on happiness? Philosophy has a lot to teach us about this. But then again, so does science—and the two share a surprising amount in common. Join me as I set out to establish a path towards pleasure, which ends in happiness.