Declining Happiness

Declining Happiness

We are seemingly surrounded by scientific theorists, advice columnists and self-proclaimed lifestyle gurus—all offering formulas for happier living. And yet people today are measurably less happy than they were fifty years ago.

Social Atomisation

We humans evolved to function within social groups; those who have rich social networks lead longer lives & suffer from fewer health problems. Yet more and more we view ourselves as individuals; rather than partners, as consumers; rather than participants.

Technological Dependency

There's practically an unlimited amount of digital content available nowadays—all personally tailored to us by advanced algorithms. We're losing touch with reality as a result.


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Lifestyle Harmonics shows us how—by leaning into paradox & polarisation—we can reshape our mental landscape & recover an intensity of feeling which the modern world has largely lost.


It was founded on the idea that we humans have a dualistic nature. Once we accept this fundamental point—that our lives are a duet between light & dark, savage & noble—we can begin to accentuate this paradox rather than neutralise it.


To do this though, we need to move between both ends of the spectrum. Doing things that make our heart race, that require us to journey outside our comfort zone; but, at the same time, combining our wilder and more savage energies with the civilised and controlled: taking care of ourselves, planning ahead, & establishing order & discipline.


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Scientific Discovery

Spotlight On Science

The following articles showcase a broad spectrum of new and exciting research—knowledge set to spark a revolution in how we live our lives.

Philosophical Insight

As with everything, new knowledge isn't all that counts. It's the skill with which we use and apply that knowledge that matters. Living, after all, is about values; it’s about choosing, doing and experiencing.
Creative Insight

Creative Application

Good stories move us in ways that cannot easily be explained. That's why my articles mix facts together with metaphors, analogies and allegories—to bring the concepts I write about to life.
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Room For Ambiguity

And keep in mind—there's no royal road to certainty about how to thrive in our modern world: we need to immerse ourselves in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact & reason.